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scary stuff goin’ down in Congress

April 1, 2009

the bill amends Section 103A of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to read:

Agricultural research carried out under this chapter shall

(1) take account of the special needs of small farmers in the determination of research priorities,

(2) include research on the interrelationships among technology, institutions, and economic, social, environmental, and cultural factors affecting small-farm agriculture, and

(3) make extensive use of field testing to adapt basic research to local conditions. Special emphasis shall be placed on disseminating research results to the farms on which they can be put to use, and especially on institutional and other arrangements needed to assure that small farmers have effective access to both new and existing improved technology

(4) include research on biotechnological advances appropriate to local ecological conditions, including genetically modified technology.

via La Vida Locavore:: Bill to Mandate GMO Research for Africa/S. Asia Passes Unanimously.


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