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Thomas Edison and the Smartgrid

April 13, 2009

…the SmartGridCity project Xcel Energy has set up in Boulder, Colorado…. 10,000 Boulder residents will be able to monitor and control their power usage through the web or their mobile devices, potentially cutting their costs by 10 percent.

…. Smartgrid projects will enable local, or distributed, generation of electricity, as consumers can tie their home solar panels into the grid or allow their charing hybrid cars to act as scattered storage units. This kind of micro-targeted power generation was in fact what Thomas Edison envisioned 100 years ago.

Heather Rogers explained in an NYT column two summers ago:

“With a windmill coupled to a small electric generator,” a rural inhabitant “could bottle up enough current to give him light at night.”

The Constitution article discussed plans to let people recharge their batteries at plug-in sites along trolley lines; the batteries could also be refreshed courtesy of the home windmill.

via Thomas Edison and the Smartgrid.


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