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trash kills and maims

April 23, 2009

deformed by plastic

Photo courtesy of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation

A turtle nicknamed “Mae West” shows the danger of throw-away plastics. Environmentalists with the Algalita Marine Research Foundation say the turtle crawled inside the plastic ring when it was young; it was deformed by the plastic constriction as it grew.

Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins, of the California-based Algalita Marine Research Foundation, reinforce their campaign with grim images of wildlife maimed by plastics and samples of plastic-laden water from a swirling plastic “soup” called the North Pacific Gyre in the Pacific Ocean.

While there’s no way to clean up the North Pacific Gyre — a confluence of ocean currents twice the size of the United States and laden with plastic refuse — it’s not too late to stop further dumping, the couple say.

via Couple cycling the West Coast to fight “plastic soup” in Pacific Ocean –


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