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April 24, 2009

Top 20 Produce Exporters to United States

Exporter 2007 Imports

1. Mexico: Tomatoes, watermelons, limes, orange juice, squash
2. Canada: Frozen potatoes, fresh potatoes,
processed tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, carrots
3. China: Apple juice, garlic, processed
mushrooms, canned peaches, processed tomatoes.
4. Brazil: Orange juice, apple juice, grapes, onions, watermelon
5. Chile: Grapes, apples, avocados, apple juice, peaches/nectarines
6. Argentina: Apple juice, pears, raisins, garlic, blueberries
7. Guatemala: Cantaloupe, processed mushrooms, frozen broccoli, watermelon, fresh snap beans
8. Costa Rica: Orange juice, cantaloupe, squash, carrot, watermelon
9. Peru: Asparagus, onion, artichokes, tangerines/tangelos, grapes
10. Honduras: Cantaloupes, watermelon, eggplant, orange juice, squash
11. Spain: Tangerines/tangelos, oranges, canned olives, lemons, artichokes
12. Italy: Processed tomatoes, kiwifruit,
oranges, apples, artichokes
13. New Zealand: Apples, kiwifruits, onions, apple juice, pears
14. Ecuador: Processed mushrooms, frozen
broccoli, processed peas, onions, artichokes
15. Turkey: Apple juice, processed tomatoes, processed mushrooms, lemons, canned olives
16. Thailand: Processed tomatoes, canned peaches, canned pears, processed peas, processed mushrooms
17. South Africa: Oranges, raisins, tangerines/tangelos, orange juice, apple juice
18. Belize: Orange juice, processed tomatoes
19. Dominican Republic: Avocados, processed tomatoes, orange juice, bell peppers, tomatoes
20. India: Pickles, processed mushrooms,
processed tomatoes, processed peas, apple juice

What are the Odds It is Imported?
100%: Limes
80%: Frozen Broccoli
75%: Apple juice, asparagus, frozen cauliflower, processed mushrooms, kiwifruit
60%: Artichoke, canned olives, avocado
50%: Grapes, garlic, cucumbers, grape juice
40%: Blueberry, eggplant, squash
33%: Tomato, bell pepper, cantaloupe
25%: Tangerine, honeydew melon, orange juice
20%: Frozen spinach, pear, frozen potato, frozen snap (string) beans
17%: Watermelon, apricot
14: Raspberry
13%: Onion
11%: Raisin, canned peach, lemon
10%: Snap (string) bean, processed pea, peach or nectarine, broccoli
9%: Mushroom
8%: Pickle, canned pear, carrot, cherry, strawberry, processed tomato, potato
6%: Apple, orange
5%: Grapefruit, frozen sweet corn

via La Vida Locavore:: Looking for Food From China? Here’s How to Find It.


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