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Cerebral. Eccentric reader. Terrible housewife. Kick-butt paper shuffler. Repressed neatnik. Apathetically unfashionable. Unapologetically overweight. Apolitical. Happy taxpayer. Generous to a fault. Does not play well with others. Devoted mother and wife. Quiet atheist. Avid architecturalist. Impatient procrastinator. Bad photographer. Poor singer. Biting insect buffet. Prone to depression. Assembler extrordinaire. Rememberer of useless information. Backseat driver. Putter upper with slobs and teenagers.

I’ve taught online classes with Axia for a while now, and I taught videoconferenced basic computer classes to adults while I was earning my master’s degree.  My past jobs have included technical writing, clinical trial contract negotiation, web design, public relations, data analysis, and a whole host of other things that fall under “other duties as assigned.” I’m trained as a bureaucrat, believe it or not. I have a Master’s in Public Administration, which doesn’t actually do me a whole lot of good here in West Virginia – although, I imagine that in Washington, D.C., I could do quite well. 😉 But, like many West Virginians, I’m unnaturally attached to my land, and wouldn’t consider living anywhere else.

In my spare time I enjoy reading. I also enjoy playing with digital pictures, cooking, sewing, knitting, and other various domestic arts, which I’m sure my husband appreciates to no end. We have 3 spayed/neutered dogs, 4 spayed/neutered cats, one little fishtank, and 2 reptiles. My husband and I adopted his niece, born in 1991, and we also have a daughter born in the fall of 2007. I fit the stereotype of the absent-minded professor to a tee!

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