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A Wiring Diagram in the Brain for Depression: Scientific American

April 6, 2009

…Helen Mayberg started curing depression by stimulating a previously unknown neural junction box in a brain area called Brod­mann’s area 25—discovered through 20 years of dogged research—…

…area 25 … is hyperactive in depressed patients.

…five connective tracts that run through this pea-size region, carrying neural traffic among five vital areas: the amygdala, a deep-brain area that moderates fear and other emotions; the orbi­tofrontal and medial frontal cortices, two poorly understood areas that appear to be significant in expectation, reward processing, error assessment, learning and decision making; the hippocampus, vital to memory; and the hypothalamus, which helps to regulate stress and arousal.

via A Wiring Diagram in the Brain for Depression: Scientific American.


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